Monday, April 27, 2009

Order from Kak Syikin (Celcom)

Kak Syikin my bro's officemate called nak order mini cuppies for one of the celcom staff birthday. "Tapi akak nak 37 je,sbb bday yang ke-37". What? i dont sale that amount la kak. In fact semua baker around Jb area pun tak jual that amount kot. Hehe. At last she add up to 40. I suggested her to take 50 coz its a minimum for minis. But she insist want 40pcs. She ask for butterfly coz the birthday girl love butterfly and she request me to write "Happy 37th Birthday Ily.And,this is the result =)

Anyway,thank you so much Kak Syikin! u're quite funny! hehe

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Order from Miza( officemate mak)

Yesterday.which is Saturday, this miza cme to our house to pick up baju kurung yg my mak jahitkan. This girl so excited bout cupcakes n nak belikan for her anak buah. Dan2 terus order n bayar. What should i do? Terima je la. And she said anak buah dia laki. So,this deco came across my mind. Hope she'll like it.

This is Small size cupcakes, i dont usually sale at 16pcs coz the minimum order was 25pcs. But for this thin young lady,office mate mak plak tu ,terima jgk la..

Thanks Miza!

Order from Kak As

That day my kakak angkat called and order 100pcs of mini cupcakes. But she asked me to pack it in a small amount. So,i found this suitable transparent box that fit four cuppies and i was happy with it! But after all,so excited sgt tak sempat n tak ingat nk snap the whole 25 boxes. I only snap one. Huhu..
Thanks kak as!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Order dari Kawan2 Adik

Aritu adik bwk cuppies g skolah.BUdak2 darjah 4,teruja sgt bile tgk cute cupcakes yg colorful. Sorang2 minta wat kan. =) hehe. Yang sorang tu,comel sgt order cupcakes utk bday ayahnye. Minta soh tulis "Happy Birthday Ayah"

Walaupun sebenarnya tak jual pack 25pcs,tp utk bdk2 ni,buatkan jgk la. Terima kasih Adik2..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hari tu ade lebih cream cheese n oreo,so i decided to bake plain cheese cake with oreo base. Saje2 wat,if tak wat takot cream cheese tu rosak.sayang..

Dah siap je cup cake tu tak tau nak deco la hasilnya. Still byk kena blaja.hee..

Monday, April 20, 2009


Dear readers, now I'm offering you MINI CUP CAKES.

size : 4.5 cm diameter, 2cm height

Minimum order of 50 pcs.
100 pcs and below = RM1.00 p/pcs (with decoration)
100 pcs and above = RM 0.90 p/pcs (with decoration)
Flavor : Chocolate moist

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Order from Kak Irma

Kak Irma sms me and ordered moist chocolate cake with butter. I ask for the design and she said whatever will do. So,this is the outcome . Really hope that she'll like it! Thanks kak irma!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Order from Safura

Beb..thanks for the order eyk!

~the cake turned out not as my imagination due to "kepala tak center". I can't really focus doing the deco that night.. tapi dua tiga kali pandang,cantik jugak =)

~need to improve on my writing skill.


Beberapa design yang saya pinjam dari website lain untuk guideline tempahan anda.

# Perlu diingatkan semua ini adalah bukan design saya,tetapi sebagai guideline sahaja.
(Have to bear in mind that all those designs are not mine, its just for the guideline)

New Designs I've Learn from Cupcake Class

The colors is quite dull due to 'budget class' (i guess..hehe). The chef just put small amount of coloring in the butter cream. She said "kalau u mau terang2 nnt balik rumah buat lagi laa.." aiyak!

So,this is the new added design in my record. But obviously I'll do it in bright color!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Muffin and Cup Cake Without Frosting

Chocolate Mud Cup Cake and Bluberry Muffin

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Order Dari Kak An( izwan's cousin)

Moist Chocolate Cake with butter- half kg per pack.

Moist Chocolate Cake without butter 1.2kg

Moist Chocolate Cake with Butter 1.5kg

Moist Chocolate Cake guna Butter 2 biji dengan Moist Chocolate Cake tanpa Butter 1 biji.
Kata Kak An ade sorang kawan dia nak half kg je kek coklat yg pakai butter. Tapi sy tak wat half-half kg. Satu adunan tu 1.5kg. So, nak tak nak sy pack jgk la 0.5kg. Dapat la 3 pack. Kak An kata tak pe,sure ade yg nak beli. Hehe. Ape2 pun, terima kasih Kak An!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Brownies for Miza's officemate

Thank you for your order n enjoy the taste!

Order from Miza

Oreo cheese cake ordered by miza my schoolmate. Thanks for your support Miz! First time try to do the chocolate gate. Looks like it turned well =) still need time to polish my skill.