Sunday, April 26, 2009

Order from Miza( officemate mak)

Yesterday.which is Saturday, this miza cme to our house to pick up baju kurung yg my mak jahitkan. This girl so excited bout cupcakes n nak belikan for her anak buah. Dan2 terus order n bayar. What should i do? Terima je la. And she said anak buah dia laki. So,this deco came across my mind. Hope she'll like it.

This is Small size cupcakes, i dont usually sale at 16pcs coz the minimum order was 25pcs. But for this thin young lady,office mate mak plak tu ,terima jgk la..

Thanks Miza!

Order from Kak As

That day my kakak angkat called and order 100pcs of mini cupcakes. But she asked me to pack it in a small amount. So,i found this suitable transparent box that fit four cuppies and i was happy with it! But after all,so excited sgt tak sempat n tak ingat nk snap the whole 25 boxes. I only snap one. Huhu..
Thanks kak as!