Monday, April 27, 2009

Order from Kak Syikin (Celcom)

Kak Syikin my bro's officemate called nak order mini cuppies for one of the celcom staff birthday. "Tapi akak nak 37 je,sbb bday yang ke-37". What? i dont sale that amount la kak. In fact semua baker around Jb area pun tak jual that amount kot. Hehe. At last she add up to 40. I suggested her to take 50 coz its a minimum for minis. But she insist want 40pcs. She ask for butterfly coz the birthday girl love butterfly and she request me to write "Happy 37th Birthday Ily.And,this is the result =)

Anyway,thank you so much Kak Syikin! u're quite funny! hehe