Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alma's Engagement day!

Salam to all..
This big order came from my old school fren back at Convent 7 years b4. Since i jump into dis baking field,i received a lot of msg with unfamiliar number. rupe2nye sume kawan2 skolah lama. Alma engagement was on 16 January 2010. so agak lambat jgk la sy update dis blog. tak cukup masa. Alma order 400pax of large size cupcakes. Due to lake of time,i ask for kak Zarra from Bonda Bites to bake 300 cupcakes for me. Thank u so much! I do back 100 of them n deco all 400 by myself. Tp design semua Alma yg pilih n tentu kan. In fact, the box pun Alma yg beli sendiri. Psni sape2 nak box leh la kontek sy! heheh.