Saturday, January 9, 2010


Salam to all!!

Saje nak share my engagement pic with u all. Just a simple majlis only. Thank god everything run smoothly.

Blue for P.A.P.A

Salam to all!

This order came from Cheq' Ah my junior@ high school (Convent JB). Thanks a lot sis!

Mini Turquoise

Salam to all!

This time order came from Julie's mom for her relative's wedding..just for makan2. Thanks!

After the break

Salam semua!

Its been quite long after the last post. Sy agak bz. maklum la, 26 Dis 2006 aritu majlis pertunangan sy. So, tak dpt nak amek order byk2. Ni antara order yang sempat sy watkan until this week.

4 boxes order from fateha..thanks!