Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Gath n Bday!

Salam Semua..

This order came from my old schoolmate at Convent Jb..Bibi Marina. This cuppies adalah untuk department dia. Gath n birthday celebration ramai2. I've change the font, upgrade sket la..asek font yg sama je kan, really looking forward utk beli font2 yang lain one day. Hope all of your team like my cuppies. Thanks for the order!

For Makan2

Salam Semua..

Last Sunday which is 28th of February ade small gath ngn kawan2 Convent Jb..So,i've made this moist choc cake ala-ala Season style of deco. Ade yg ingat mmg Season cake..hehe. Just a simple deco but unforgettable taste! (^_^)