Friday, February 12, 2010

Maisarah to Eni

Salam semua.

Order dari maisarah untuk majlis pertunangan eni. Maisarah minta design dari Facebook sy. Thanks mai!


The lil'_sweet crew said...

Hi Yatt,
lovely works u got there!whatta fab buttercream hand wrtitten our jaw almost drop!we're more into sugar paste and fondant-always had a nightmare to hand-write letters on the cakes using buttercream-our hands got shakey!So after serials of incidents,we decide buttercream only goes 'big piping'.haha~

btw,one of our crew is MB's ex-band mate girl,Shakir.

Seriously wud ask MB for a double date to potpetpotpet cupcakes wz u!

keep in touch!

YATT said...

hi there..

thanks for viewing my page..yes,MB did told me bout Shark's girl.ala..simple deko only laa.. compare to u guys wif fondant things.. i did attend several advance fondant classes wif pro sifu..but,i cant run from handling piping bag.haha.. love to pipe all the times.. i do adore ur fondant style,such a good n nice job. =)

sure we can meet n potpetpotpet bout cupcakes.. =)